The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

I am taking the easy route for today’s post and simply reblogging my post-a-day site’s post.

Me And My S3

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”

Today I am taking this challenge as part of my post-a-day site. As I was pondering what to shoot I took look around the lab, better known to others as their study, and I found my subjects. We have a surprising amount of orange in our work/play space.


First is the simple toy I had as a child known as Jacob’s Ladder. Most children today would find this toy to be too low tech.


I found orange on my chewing gum pack. really never noticed it consciously till this challenge.


Next is a plate The Bride had left on her desk after she ate here sandwich as she studied. I laid it atop of her orange school notebook.


Lastly is CD of one of my favorite singers Eric Peters. I was introduced to him…

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