Little Blue Thing Amongst The Green Things

I was out and about a lot this past summer taking pictures on our place. Most were not keepers as I have experimented more with all the manual settings on my equipment and different techniques.  Though there were times I thought the end product was more important than the journey I usually landed back ta ground zero: contentment. It was an oasis in the desert that has been my life this past year or so. I found  new green and blooming things as well as fighting off a lot of the old bugs and flying pests! Good times. Quite times. Times of discovery. Did I mention good times? Well I found this yet-to-be-named-by-me-because-I-have-no-idea-what-it-is little blue flower on one walkabout. I took a few captures of this flower and my wedding band as comparison so you can see how small it is. Small in size but large with wonderment and awesomeness…I know that is not a real word but this flower is! So here is a little blue thing amongst the green things.


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