Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

As I enjoyed time with old, and new-friends-to-be, this past weekend I took several shots of the fire in the fire-pit. And I reflected. Fire is a living thing and if used rightly it is a great tool and comfort but if not it is anything thing but. The same thing can be said about our time spent in this life’s fire. Looking into the fire I am reminded of something I have come to learn and share with others over the years: The difference between empathy and understanding is simple, Empathy is being in the pan and Understanding is being in the Fire. It is a subtle difference if you have never been in the fire but once there the pan does not sound bad at all! Right now I am still in the fire but I feel it is tempering me for the better and in a positive way.

This picture is the best representation of this weeks photo challenge at this point in my life. Faith, Friends and Fire.So enjoy the Hue of me.


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