Building A Tree House

The Bride and I had a great day at the lake yesterday. As we walked-about we noticed a small bird skimming over the water. We followed it as it landed on the top of the remains of one of two trees in the water of the small inlet we stood by. As we watched another bird came into view and then seemed to disappear. The Bride thought it took off in the opposite direction and the trees blocked our view. I thought so too until the second bird seemed to emerged out thin air. All the while the first bird simply sat atop the highest of the two trees.


We decided to walk around the inlet to get a closer look of the trees. As we were looking I noticed a small hole in the shortest of the two trees. Just then a little head stuck out of the hole! Then it was gone but we were hooked. I mean how cool was this: These two little birds had made a home out these old,dead trees. We sat and watched them and I tried to get a few shots of them coming out of the hole with no luck. On to Plan B.

Plan B was simple: The Bride was my spotter and I focused on the trees with my camera. Well we spent a good amount of time trying to capture the birds coming and going but had little success.The two below are the best I could do but spending time with The Bride and observing the going ebb and flow of nature, well that is priceless! I hope to go back and spend some more time watching these two awesome little birds.



The Bride and I think these two are Tree Swallows. If otherwise let us know by commenting.

Author: The Jagged Man

I am a 57 year old guy who is asking questions about life like "what does it all mean?" and " how come hair will not grow on my head but grows real fast on my ears and back?" you know the deep stuff. I am married and have been for 26 years to the same wonderful woman( read into that: she puts up with me and I married up). I believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for all. The rest I am still working on.

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