What Have You Done?

The Boy is a great dog but he has to play second fiddle to our precious great-niece when she visits. So when she is here, well he gets sad eyes as is to say “What have you done?” Then he gets happy as she throws food on the floor and he gets to clean up after her…….stinking dog! Love that face.


Playing With Effects

I got a free download of Topaz Simple 4 with my purchase of PaintShop Pro X6. I did this a few months back but ran across it this evening and thought it would be cool to share. The bottom photo is the original pic.

Edited using Topaz Simple 4

Edited using Topaz Simple.

DSC_0002 copy

Mellow Vibe

The photo here is one I took Saturday night at a little art gallery/pub. I worked all day and met The Bride and some friends for dinner and after a little walkabout our hometown’s small downtown. After that we stopped by to cap off our night with some live music and coffee. The photo is unedited and I find it to have, like the music, a mellow vibe.


Time To Fly


Around this time on this date last year I was heading back to see my Pops at the hospital. It would turn out the last time I would see him alive and I wouldn’t change it for anything. He was ready to go on living or to join Mom who died almost to the day one year before. Either way he was content for which I am grateful.

Daily I realize how blessed I was to have had my parents, first as Father and Mother, then and Mom and Pops, then as friends. I am also blessed to have had parents who loved me, and I them, and that we really liked each other. They are sorely missed by me and others. Yet through the hardship of it all, me and my best friend The Bride, have learned to live every day as well plan for the future all the while honoring the past. You can do it all I think but you must live every day because time is short. Life is about choices,choose daily that it is time to fly.