Moon Haiku

The Jagged Man:

This is from my place called Pondering Things and Taking Pictures. I haven’t spent much time there since my Dad died this past December. Turns out he was about the only one who visited anyway. Over the last several months I have been getting hits and this is one that has been getting the most visits. As I ponder what to do with Ponder Things and Taking Pictures I will share some of my poems and such with you all ~ Peace.

Originally posted on Pondering Things and Taking Pictures:

‡ Author’s Note: I first published this January 26,2013 ‡

I took this picture of the moon tonight we my new-to-me Canon PowerShot SX10 is. Because of the longer focal length needed in the capture I used a mono-pod, and used the timer setting, so I would not undo the camera’s Image Stabilization when snapping the shot. After several tries, and waiting on passing vehicles, mission accomplished. I headed back into the embracing warmth of our home to see the results.

Though I am happy with the results, as I was looking at this photo, it just cried for something “else” to be complete. What to add I wonder and then I had an idea for a Haiku. I have not written many Haiku’s, to the lover of the art form it obvious why,  so I decide try again. Here is my  photo of the moon complete with Haiku.

Taken with my Canon PowerShot SX10 is. The picture of the moon was taken with my…

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Checking Me Out

Yesterday I had a big project I needed to do before the rains hit our area. I was able to get it done and had time before it started rain to get a few clicks in. I decided to try to get a shot of the Hummingbirds feeding on the Jewelweed out back of our house. I found a little spot along the fence line where I could be partially hidden and stood there and waited. And waited. And waited some more.I could hear the Hummingbirds chattering away behind me so I knew they would eventually make around but I was getting attacked by several types of flying insects and was not sure how long I could hold out. After the second fly-by of a very large wasp I decided it was time to go but really wanted to get something for my efforts. I knew if I moved quickly the Hummingbirds behind me would scatters so to minimize that possibility I pivoted around without moving my feet. I could hear the buzz of wings of the Hummingbirds as they moved about and one of the birds turned and came towards me. It landed on a branch not far from me, checking me out as it also keep an eye out for the other Hummingbirds. As it was looking up I carefully lifted my camera and snapped away. This shot, and two in the arm by a thorn-bush I did not know was there, is what I got for my effort.


Another One Using PerfectEffects 8

Sometime back I posted two photos I took and post-processed by using freeware by onOne Software called PerfectEffects 8. At that time  I was having computers issues and needed something to post since the issues were cutting into my picture-taking time. Not so this time, it is a new routine The Bride and I have begun as we pursue stress reducing activities and one is regular exercise. Stress will always be with us so we are using exercise, more working together on meal planing and a push to downsize our stuff as a way combat stress. Not that we have any more stress than the next person but it is a constant force in this life and one must find a way to deal with it. Since she is now unemployed and is attending college, now seemed like a good time as any to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. So until I can get out in this weekend and get some new stuff I will post a few of photos I have taken and fiddled more than usual in the post-processing side and some from the way-back-files.

I did the effects on the top photo several weeks back and it is one of the first pictures I used layers on in post-processing. Do not ask me to explain layers: I was just clicking icons and seeing if what I did looked cool. I did convert this to B&W using PerfectEffects 8 and layered on some HDR effects to bring a little flavor to its coolness. The bottom photo is the unedited capture I took with my canon SX10is. I hope you enjoy both (Click on each to enlarge).

IMG_2912 copyIMG_2912

Two Photo Merges

Today I am going to act upon a suggestion from Nelson @ A few images, frozen in time and tell you about the software I use on my photos. I use Corel PaintShop Pro X6 because several years ago I got a copy of PaintShop X4 on closeout and two years later I was able to upgrade to X6 just as cheaply.

I use a simple one click photo fix that allows me to sharpen, brighten and adjust shadows and highlights from one place. I like this option since I do not like fiddling with my photos much. Why? I kind of like them as they are but sometimes you just need to give them a little love. Just saying. On the two below photos I used PaintShop’s HDR photo merge and took them with my Canon SX10is. As some of you know I am just getting into DSLR’s but used the Canon because it has an Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) mode where my  more expensive  DSLR’s do not…..lesson here is if you want to do HDR check the camera you are looking at for this function (AEB). You can do this manually but so far my results, read here stuff I like, is better served with the AEB mode. I use a simple approach at this time and choose one of the six defaults PaintShop presents.  I hope that helps anyone looking at getting into HDR even if just as a way t0o express oneself artistically. I hope you enjoy these two photo merges.

IMG_2305_4_6_Localtone IMG_2326_5_7_Localtone

Another Best Of The Worst

I took my Sony A300 out to test my new-to-me-zoom lens and as is with all thing there is a learning curve. I have to admit I am rushing things. There is just a few things going on in my life right now that can cause one to feel pushed upon but I need to carve out small blocks of time to breathe the wonderment around me. And you do too! As I was walking around our place a slight movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned towards the movement and saw something small but pretty cool. It was a tiny Damselfly skipping through the air! I followed it to where it landed and tried to get the A300 to focus on it but it was too small. The camera keep on focusing on the Spotted Jewelweed (for size comparison I might add a Spotted Jewelweed is about the size of an average persons top joint on their pinky finger) and missing the little bugger. So I manually focused this shot and missed the sweet spot a bit. I still like it though and I hope you like another best of the worst.