Life’s Little Suprises

Today started out as a lovely overcast day. With the rains moving out the morning stayed pleasantly cool so The Bride and I went to the lake to enjoy it. I did not bring my normal long zoom Powershot SX10is but the lovely  little Olympus SP-350. I was standing down by the water’s edge trying to get  geese as they landed in the water but with zero luck when this little lady showed up. And she brought with her some of life’s little surprises.


Light And Shadow

I am trying to step up my game as far as indoor photography goes. I have a pretty good grip on the basics as far as outside lighting goes but indoor lighting has always eluded me. So as I try to find my place in the light I am finding the journey intriguing but somewhat painful. So here is the only decent capture from the past weekends journey into the light……and shadow.


Fun With iPod And Effects

I am kind of new to the mobile media world , so I thought an iPod touch would be a good place to start. Here is a pic I took outside of The Bride and my favorite BBQ place. The photo editing tool I used on this capture is called FX Photo Studio.


A New Dragonfly About Our Place

We have one type of Dragonfly that has a steady on our place. They are of the Skimmer family and I believe they are Baskettail Dragonflies. So when this little fellow and a couple of his pals showed up I was rather geeked to say the least. So here is a new dragonfly about our place.

IMG_2563 IMG_2569

Through The Glass

I have been on a journey to challenge myself in expanding my photo subjects. So yesterday I was out and about and saw this jewelry display with just simple, elegant jewelry and decided to shot it how I saw it. I needed all the available light, since the flash was out of the question, so I held the camera away from my body at an angle to let ambient light in.  To maximize the available light I shot  from above the display and through the glass.