Keepin’ It Simple

I love live music and the more intimate and simple the space and set up is the better. Saturday night we attended  a house concert and BBQ that fit the bill for that. The rain is every present in our area right now, it’s a good thing not a bad thing, so the musicians had to set up in a small portable gazebo. Here is to keepin’ it simple.


Seeking Shelter From The Rain

I took a little walkabout of our place after the latest rain shower paused till the next wave arrives. I am glad we are getting what I hope will turn be a couple of days of gentle, consistent rain. As I walked along the side field I saw this Bumblebee hanging under the blooms of a plant as if seeking shelter from the rain.


Something Extraordinary

After mowing the lawn today I got to use the new manual extension tubes on my Sony A300 I purchased from Amazon. Since I have 35mm film lenses that I use on the A300 I felt comfortable shooting in full manual mode with the extension tubes. What I wasn’t expecting is how soft and wide the edges are with my first choice of lens ( Minolta 50mm f 1:1.7 ). I think it will be a little sharper when I shot with just one extension ring on not all tree at once. I did not get to try that today as we had plans for early this evening. As I downloaded the pics tonight I found a picture I took but thought it would not come out at all. The light was wrong, the angle I had to shot it was wrong and most of the subject was not in an advantageous position for my to get a proper shot.  I took it anyway. Now I am glad I did. Below is that shot and it all started when I rescued this little fellow from path of the blades of my mower earlier. I remembered I had moved this little one out-of-the-way of my mowing and really thought it would be gone but it was not. So I took this shot and did not have any idea what to expect but what I found was something extraordinary. Can anyone guess what it is? No prizes awarded I am afraid but this should be fun.


Inbound Bumblebee

I was having a bit of a time taking photos of the Spotted Jewelweed on our place due a wonderful, yet aggravating-to-my-attempts, breeze. The way they hang under the broad, protective leafs of the plant they do not have to have large stems for them to survive. So at a brief break in the breeze I snapped away and it was not till I downloaded this picture did I find out I was photo-bombed by and inbound Bumblebee!


Custer Came To Visit

I was carrying my Powershot SX260HS with me tonight at a gathering of the towns folks @ a tavern in a garden. We were enjoying some live music, feel good food and a very pleasant and tempered August evening when the atmosphere turned  temporal. There strolling through the garden was none other the General Custer. It seems the stories are true about his fondness towards this place and this town. Though his wife thought those of us who live here were backwards, Gen. Custer did seem to enjoy his walks about the place when was here. In that light I am pleased to have been able capture the time and place when Custer came to visit.

IMG_0052 IMG_0039 IMG_0041


Hanging Tough

Every once in a while we all need to be reminded to care for not only what is ours but ourselves. Seems simple but life sure can get backasswards in a second even if we are paying attention. If you have or have had bouts with severe doubts, depression or suicide please seek help. I lost a friend over thirty years ago who did not seem to have a care in the world. We never suspected something was wrong but the evidence proved other wise. The cost was too damn high for me to try to find blame or to be consumed by self-doubt if I could have done more. So in the of light that past, yet very- here-in-now memory, and in the shadow of the very public death of one of my favorite comedians I cannot be silent. I don’t have a twelve, seven or three-step plan to help you but I will say this: Please stopping hanging tough and seek help.If you are reading this now and are thinking of ending your life or hurting yourself and/or others please call 1-800-273-8255 now! If you are a Solider or a Service Man or Women call 1-800-273-8255 then press 1 now! Know this :You do not have to go it alone .  ~ Peace John