Back Stage and Waiting

I took this photo back in 2011 as I was waiting to take the stage for Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God. The venue was small, about 600-650 max capacity, but is one cool theater. We did this show for six years,the last being in 2012, and I enjoyed it but all things must come to an end. And I miss it. A lot. But I miss this view almost as much as I miss letting the music and the story flow through me as I played. There is something wonderful about the butterflies in one’s belly and the anticipation of doing something musically and doing it well. And it all starts with one being back stage and waiting. A Side Note: this is my 800th post………Thanks to all who have dropped by and have encouraged me on this Stage as well.~Peace.

Picture 21059 copy

BeDazzled Pens

The Bride and I went to a festival last month where a bunch of vendors come to pawn their wares. Among the many stalls of pre-fab and china produced “stuff” was some very nice hand-made crafts. The pens here are an example of such things. I took this with my iPod but thought it was pretty cool even though they are a little to bedazzled for my taste.

John's 5th Gen iPod 2560

My Teddy Bear

This is my Teddy Bear. We rescued him back in 05′ and he was a scrawny little kitten with a very serious respiratory infection. I had to teach him how to be a kitten since his momma was not around. I had to show him how to use the litter box…………no I did not do that but I would put him in it when he looked like his little legs were crossing. After he did his “business” I grabbed his front paws and showed him how to cover up. After the second time he was fully trained. There was me teaching him how to feed from a bottle so I could get him to take his meds. He recovered well and other than a problem with left ear he is fat, sassy and happy. So everyone meet my Teddy Bear!


Inside The Globe

As the silly season quickly approaches we in the Thrift Shop biz have our version of Black Friday. At our shop this is the biggest fundraising day for us. Since we are part of a non-profit it is especially helpful to us and our mission. I take pictures of the setup, and of the big sales day, to help us promote it for next year and hopefully drive up donations of goods to the shop….also it help us remember how we set it up since we are brain-dead by the end of the day. One of the items that are donated I enjoy is the snow globes. It harkens back to my youth I guess but none the less I find them to be a simple pleasure and one that is hard to photograph. Here is a bear in a Santa suit inside the globe.



This is our youngest cat Julie. I call her Jewels’ because she is quite preciousness and she trills instead of meowing, it is a soothing sound and very cool besides.¬† I wrote a short poem about her and her mother Butterfly back in 12′.

“Golden-Eye Stray

Brought Gift Of Same

A Little Triller”

Author: The Jagged Man

Here she is grown up and all. Julie, aka Jewels’


Yes Its Cold Out

We have a new visitor in our area. Apparently it came from Siberia and it is cold air, which equals cold temperatures. Now last year was cold but our outside cat Butterfly hung tough till January when the temps got down into the teens, then we brought her in whether she wanted us to or not. It seems she has coldar¬† now and this is note I found taped to the door of the outside door to the study……..DSC00312And this is who I found enjoying the comfort of my reading chair, yes I have a reading chair or better put a chair under really good lighting for these tired old eyes…..none the less here is Butterfly letting me know that yes its cold out….DSC00308