From The Garden

The last of my wildflower garden’s gift to all of us…till next year!


A Few From the Place

There is a serenity in Nature that, for me, cannot be replaced by material things. When life gets “to much this or to little that” Nature just keeps on keeping on. Even as we hairless apes try to destroy this beautiful Blue Marble, that is home to almost 8,000,000 million human beings, Nature still gives it best all the while. I find hope in that, I see wonderment and I see beauty even in the ugliness of the insanity of the way we treat it. Here is a few from the place I live.

I’m Back For Now

It been awhile since I have felt like doing, well almost anything but surviving. In the last 5 or so months things are coming back online slowly to the point I’m at now: Finally getting to where I feel like pushing myself to do more than just survive. The title sounds like I’m planning to fail at this but the truth is I have come to accept life on life’s terms. That is to pick out the good, learn from the bad and enjoy it all none the less.

Right at this moment I have the time to get outside and take some pics and learn the capabilities of my cameras. Autumn is here and there is still opportunities for enjoying nature and it’s many splendors. So here is a few from my last few outings.

Old School Tool

After recently finishing my stent as the official photographer for our local theater I have reconnected to nature photography. Since I still hope to shoot more for our theater, I wanted a back-up camera I would not worry about damaging when on walkabouts. So I came across an old Canon 10D and a few cheap lenses to fit the bill. Love my Sony’s but finding a model that was as affordable as this Canon was not going to happen. So here is a pic I took of a flower in our wildflower garden, which was moved to the edge of the frame by the light breeze we are having here this evening.