The title of my blog comes from the first sign I “see” that  spring is coming : Daffodils blooming on the little hill across from the house. The second sign is the frogs start  to sing their song out in the field by the old barn.

My hope is to share with others that love of nature I have been blessed with. Enjoy!


23 thoughts on “About”

    1. I just checked out your place and I like your variety of both nature and things man mad. And rusted things are cool. I just pulled up a barb wire fence picture for today’s post right before your comment popped up!

      1. Thanks, it helps me to place flora and fauna when I know where the photos are taken.

    1. I appreciate the nomination and kind words. Though I do not “Accept” awards, simply because I cannot get my mind around all those rules :), I do Thank You for the nod.

    1. Thanks but I can’t get my mind around awards for doing what I love. I am humbled by your thoughtful nomination and am heading over to check your place out.
      Peace, The Jagged Man

  1. Hello! Beautiful Photography. Can I have your permission to use one of the moon photos for a school project? No commercial use. Just personal. I’m a graphic and web designer, and also a student at State College of Florida (SCF).
    Kind regards,

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