The Tools

I shoot primarily with point and shots cameras. I had a wonderful Canon PowerShot S3is that I used on many of my earlier post. I will continue to share with you from my collection of pictures I have taken with that amazing camera. I have used a Nikon 4600 and continue to use (in a love and hate type relationship) my Olympus SP-350. I have purchased and am now trying to get to know a Canon G3 and all its four megapixel love!

I also shoot 35mm film and have several cameras but use a Minolta X-370 as my primary 35mm camera. Shooting with it has allowed me to learn more than using an auto focus camera. I also on occasion use my sister-in-laws Nikon D40 DSLR and have a few pictures saved I took with a friends Canon T3i DSLR (I am thankful for a giving family and wonderful friends!).

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