Taking a Moment

I shot these from my folding chair, with my PowerShot S3, as I waited on the front porch for my ride to show up this morning. Enjoy!

A very young squirrel hanging outside his house.
Same little squirrel having what I suspect would be breakfast.
The little squirrel in B & W.
My sunglasses, just because.
I was playing with depth of field on this one and thought the green background would make the hand rails contrasting colors “pop”.
My ride was running late so I watched the paint peel.

G3ing It

I recently acquired a Canon PowerShot G3 for a song. I had a lovely little Nikon CoolPix 4600 but half the manual functions stopped working. I gave it to my sister-in-law and it still makes a great every day point and shot.

But I like to dabble with manual controls so I turned to the G3 when I could not find another 4600. Here are a few pictures I took today on my way home from work. I am experimenting with macro photography taken with the zoom only. Here are a few attempts plus one. Enjoy!

Back To Basics

The Canon PowerShot S3is has been a faithful companion in my journey through the lens. I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot Sx260 HS that was quickly becoming my main weapon of choice in this journey.

Several weeks a go a good friend told me she was letting her daughter use her Canon SX10 this summer. I told her she could us the Sx260 HS since she likes journeying through the lens as much as I. Actually a little more than I do I belive and knew NOT having a camera was, well a cruel but noble sacrifice.

So as my SX260 heads out and about to parts unknown I turn back to my S3is and a used G3 I picked up a few weeks back. Here a few I took recently. Enjoy!

An early blooming Chicory plant
A thistle about to bloom.
The head lights of a Classic Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible of unknown age.
A gardner snake in our back yard. Notice the head “puffed out” to imitate the triangle shape head of a poisonous snake.
A saluting Daisy.