A Few Till The Next Time

With the long weekend coming up I suspect I will busy at work the next couple of days. After that I need to finish up a few house projects as well this long weekend. Well not so much as finish them but at lest get them pointed in a positive direction. Till the next time be safe an as always : Enjoy!

I took a picture yesterday of this Rose but  felt like I “missed” the shot I was after. I went back today and it was almost at the end of its bloom. Still beautiful none the less.
Right above the Rose in the proceeding picture was this new Rose about to be born.
I love Hydrangeas! From dead little sticks in the winter to these wonderful and colorful plants in the spring. Their color is decided by the pH of the soil it is in if I understand correctly.

Take Ten

Vacations or holidays are times most of us use as a way to get away from it all so to speak. Most times we return refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated to get done what it is we have set out to do. Between times of vacation or holiday we set forth to get it done whatever “it” is. Moving about our places in time and space to reach the goals of “it” I know sometimes forget to take moments and live in the now. I imagine some of you do as well.

Over the past decade of my life I have tried to take in more of the here and now. Right now in my life that has become more critical than ever. Enjoying a loved, time with a friend, or taking in a scent that I may have missed before by rushing running after “it”. I will not go into why this is critical to me but I feel it should also be a important part everyones life.

Life ends and loved ones are gone. It is a fact of this existence but before that time comes many things pass us that we should have taken in. Ten minutes is not a very long time but ten minutes can refresh, focus you and connect you to others and things of beauty around you. Make that call you say you do not have time for, write those words you have running around your brain that you think would make a great poem, read a poem, take time to just breath in the coolness of a fall night, feel the rain not curse it, look at the stars, look at your child and dare to be amazed, hug someone , stop and take that picture……….

This female Mallard duck was hanging out in the parking lot this morning.She was quite the poser.
I love the blue feathers in the females wings,
Daises hanging out in the partial shade of the tree line on the side of the road.
I have no idea what type of plant this is but I like it!
In a word: Amazing!

Do your self a favor and Take Ten!

Old Tech Revisited

I took the following shots with my Olympus SP-350. The camera has great potential but I love my PowerShot S3is so much I neglected the SP more than not.

I ask the property owner if I could take pictures of his wild Roses growing on the fence line out back. He told me they were old fashion Roses his wife had actually planted years ago. She has since passed he said so he just lets them grow.

I tool several pictures of the Roses and on the old burn barrel under the Roses as well. Enjoy!