Revisiting The Olympus SP-350

I purchased an Olympus SP-350 last year and found myself always falling back on my PowerShot S3is. Now with the potential demise of my S3 I have taken up arms again with the SP-350. Here are a few from the day. Let me know what you think!

Nice day out the office window.
Down time + me with a camera= this.
Tried a depth of field shot with the fore ground as the focal point…. fail but I like it anyway!
I like the varies subtle layers of color and texture in this shot.
Trying to find the sweet spot with the macro settings.
A Bumblebee that was not busy like his brethren flying around this little garden. Must have been a great tasting vintage pollen.

Saying Good-Bye ( Maybe) To An Old friend


My PowerShot S3is flashed a “lens error, restart camera” code while I was running the zoom out this evening. After changing batteries and trying everything ever mentioned on Canon Forums (well maybe not everything but you get the picture) it still will not reset. Do not feel sorry for me because I am doing a good job of that all by myself! Seriously I am a little bummed but I do have my G3 and Olympus SP-350 to use till I can see if there is anyone who can fix my S3is reasonably.

Till the next time here are few of the hundreds of pictures I have taken with the S3is. I hope you can see why I really love this great little camera. Enjoy!

My Fiftieth Post

This day, the day of my fiftieth post, was at best overcast and ominous like that little cloud hanging over Charlie Brown. Yet I broke out my old friend, the PowerShot S3is, in the hope of kicking it out of the stadium. As I tried a few different manual settings to compensate for the lack of visible UV I discovered the ISO setting above 400 has a good bit of noise. Unfortunately I never recognized this before. As Lucy would tell Charlie Brown “That will be fifty cents” after a session of the obvious. In true Charlie Brown fashion I forged forward with hope and optimism and took the shot. I think that being compared to Charlie Brown is not a bad thing so as always I hope that you Enjoy!