I Miss My S3is

Though I hate to complain that does not mean I will not. The bottom line is I miss my PowerShot S3is badly! I have tried to get to know my Olympus and to find the sweet spots on the SP-350 but alas I give in to the fact it is no S3is. The SP-350 simply has a mind of its own when it comes to evaluating a shot. No matter what I set it at it evaluates to the beat of another shutter. Cry not for me for I will simply set out on a few months of 35mm adventure and mayhem as I am soon to be a proud owner of a Canon AE-1 set up. Till then I will enjoy what I have and count myself truly blessed!

Taken with my Olympus SP-350

Two For You

I started this blog with goal of sharing my photos and on this my 60th post here areTwo For You!

I have an old Eagle Talon on our place waiting to be restored by , well someone. I love the contrast of this little weed of a flower, or flower of a weed against the long awaiting red body of the Talon.
This little bee was working hard and as I took several pictures she went around the stalks away from the camera. In this one I can imagine her saying ” What you looking at?” or “Really, bug a lady while she works?”

On The Fly

Heading home, after picking up some things from our local tractor and farm store, I drove to a place I have been wanting to stop at and take a few shots. I have mentioned before the state has made green spaces at certain highway and interstate exchanges. This particular one has been seeded with wildflowers. The wind was not favorable but I decide to give it a go anyway. I hope to go back before they mow it down but here are a couple on the fly.

Taken with my Olympus SP-350
I tried several times to get a great shot of this bee seemly sleeping in this Chicory Flower but the wind would not cooperate.Taken with my Olympus Sp-350

Not My Best

I did a little walkabout with my Olympus SP-350 today. I have been using the manual settings in hopes of learning more about this wonderful little camera. The following pictures are not my best but I like them just because I was able to take them. Having the means and the ability, even with used and older tech, to take photos and share is a wonderful privilege indeed!

Need to get more accurate on my exposures but I like the layers to this photo.
This is from my apple tree the Bride calls Grandfather Apple Tree. I could have taken a photo of the apple on the out most parts but where the fun in that?
I love old rusty metal and nature. This is a marriage of a little of both.
Out of focus but the ant is a bonus I did not see when I first took the shot.
Cool, no?

Revisiting The Olympus SP-350

I purchased an Olympus SP-350 last year and found myself always falling back on my PowerShot S3is. Now with the potential demise of my S3 I have taken up arms again with the SP-350. Here are a few from the day. Let me know what you think!

Nice day out the office window.
Down time + me with a camera= this.
Tried a depth of field shot with the fore ground as the focal point…. fail but I like it anyway!
I like the varies subtle layers of color and texture in this shot.
Trying to find the sweet spot with the macro settings.
A Bumblebee that was not busy like his brethren flying around this little garden. Must have been a great tasting vintage pollen.