Saturday Unhurried

There is nothing I like more than going on a walkabout with the Bride. We always try to make Saturday’s unhurried but this time instead of a nature walkabout we checked our towns Second Saturday downtown event.

Our town is small but it has been around awhile as far as American standards go that is. What follows are a few photos from last evening. They were taken with my used PowerShot G3. I do not like using flash so the inside shots lack and will until I get a better handle on the cameras abilities ( and mine as well)!

The working art/jewelry studio of a very cool shop that supports local, state and regional artist.
The different layers of color are a delight.To bad the authors photo skills are not 😉
Hospitality in these here parts : Job One!

As I understand it the art work on the walls were done by the shops owner. The picture does not do them justice nor does the depth of styles and mediums come through either.
We had live music….
Good food…..
And met new friends!