Old Tech Revisited

I took the following shots with my Olympus SP-350. The camera has great potential but I love my PowerShot S3is so much I neglected the SP more than not.

I ask the property owner if I could take pictures of his wild Roses growing on the fence line out back. He told me they were old fashion Roses his wife had actually planted years ago. She has since passed he said so he just lets them grow.

I tool several pictures of the Roses and on the old burn barrel under the Roses as well. Enjoy!



Taking a Moment

I shot these from my folding chair, with my PowerShot S3, as I waited on the front porch for my ride to show up this morning. Enjoy!

A very young squirrel hanging outside his house.
Same little squirrel having what I suspect would be breakfast.
The little squirrel in B & W.
My sunglasses, just because.
I was playing with depth of field on this one and thought the green background would make the hand rails contrasting colors “pop”.
My ride was running late so I watched the paint peel.

G3ing It

I recently acquired a Canon PowerShot G3 for a song. I had a lovely little Nikon CoolPix 4600 but half the manual functions stopped working. I gave it to my sister-in-law and it still makes a great every day point and shot.

But I like to dabble with manual controls so I turned to the G3 when I could not find another 4600. Here are a few pictures I took today on my way home from work. I am experimenting with macro photography taken with the zoom only. Here are a few attempts plus one. Enjoy!