Good Enough

I am usually happy with most of my photos but I have struggled with my “stuff” since I started using my pops FujiFilm FinePix S700. Added to the learning curve of an unfamiliar camera is a few more health issues within the Family. My mother-in-law has been sick and has been hospitalized for several days now. It just keeps getting better and better I tell you.

As I make small but important times of quite, I also try to squeeze in a few shots here and there as well. As I look through my stuff and gather a few to post I have made the following observations:(1) I have less to choose from since my time has been limited and I take just a hand full of shots each time. (2)  They are not very good and (3) I am o.k. with that. We do not always get what we want but I have learned to enjoy what I have been given, within the space and time I have, and to find the joy in it. It really is good enough.


Needing Some Pretty

As I sit here looking around the faceless landscape of my moms ER room, with the ever-present hums of medical equipment and the cooling system, I reflect on many things. One is how is the canvas of my life going to look when she is gone. Bigger yet how is it going to look while she is still here. Cancer is an ugly beast and the death it brings is usually more so. This is, I am relatively sure, going to be one of a series of visits till what will be will be. We need some pretty about right now.

I showed mom some photos I have taken and stored on my old lap top to kill a little time. The Mac is old but I am grateful to have it  as a diversionary tool from the reality we are walking through right now. The following picture is one she liked because it was pretty. We are needing us some pretty right now.

Picture by The Jagged Man

My Fiftieth Post

This day, the day of my fiftieth post, was at best overcast and ominous like that little cloud hanging over Charlie Brown. Yet I broke out my old friend, the PowerShot S3is, in the hope of kicking it out of the stadium. As I tried a few different manual settings to compensate for the lack of visible UV I discovered the ISO setting above 400 has a good bit of noise. Unfortunately I never recognized this before. As Lucy would tell Charlie Brown “That will be fifty cents” after a session of the obvious. In true Charlie Brown fashion I forged forward with hope and optimism and took the shot. I think that being compared to Charlie Brown is not a bad thing so as always I hope that you Enjoy!


Take Ten

Vacations or holidays are times most of us use as a way to get away from it all so to speak. Most times we return refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated to get done what it is we have set out to do. Between times of vacation or holiday we set forth to get it done whatever “it” is. Moving about our places in time and space to reach the goals of “it” I know sometimes forget to take moments and live in the now. I imagine some of you do as well.

Over the past decade of my life I have tried to take in more of the here and now. Right now in my life that has become more critical than ever. Enjoying a loved, time with a friend, or taking in a scent that I may have missed before by rushing running after “it”. I will not go into why this is critical to me but I feel it should also be a important part everyones life.

Life ends and loved ones are gone. It is a fact of this existence but before that time comes many things pass us that we should have taken in. Ten minutes is not a very long time but ten minutes can refresh, focus you and connect you to others and things of beauty around you. Make that call you say you do not have time for, write those words you have running around your brain that you think would make a great poem, read a poem, take time to just breath in the coolness of a fall night, feel the rain not curse it, look at the stars, look at your child and dare to be amazed, hug someone , stop and take that picture……….

This female Mallard duck was hanging out in the parking lot this morning.She was quite the poser.
I love the blue feathers in the females wings,
Daises hanging out in the partial shade of the tree line on the side of the road.
I have no idea what type of plant this is but I like it!
In a word: Amazing!

Do your self a favor and Take Ten!

Take The Walk

My photoblog has been up and running now for almost a month now. In that month I have had many wonderful visitors who are dedicated to photography and telling stories through this medium stop by. There is a thread that runs through the ones I am really drawn to: No matter the tool ones uses, passion always shows through. Not cost of the equipment, not technique but the passion speaks to me.

I have to admit there are some things my photo tools cannot do all that well but I can tell anyone who is willing to listen this: If it sings to you who cares! Take the walk and take the shot. Or not. Some of my best times out and about has been the walk not the shot. Sometimes it is just being in the moment of being. Simple and yet very hard to do. Passion is not complex either we just seem to make it so.

To those who have been kind enough to stop by: Thank You! If you are not interested in taking pictures that is o.k because we all love to share so you do not have to. All you have to do is take the walk. Passion will soon follow. Peace.

Below are some pictures I took a few weeks back with my old Minolta Maxxum 5000. Enjoy!

Ducks at the lake in 35mm film
Ducks at the lake in 35mm film
Ducks at the lake in 35mm film